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We have redefined your
usual laundry experience

We have redefined the laundry experience. Come to our facility to experience our brand new line of highly efficient and heavy-duty washing machines.

We have introduced a brand new line of state-of-the-art washing machines that are capable of producing the best results with amazing efficiency. You have got to see these high-performing, jumbo-load machines for yourself to believe the speed and efficiency with which they work.

How We Work

We collect your laundry

We collect your laundry any day of the week including sunday.

On-site vending machines

We use eco-friendly detergents & clean your clothes with the utmost care.

We deliver

We deliver your clean, fresh laundry back, at your chosen time.

Services We Provide

  • Detergent for Purchase

  • Quick and Convenient

  • Brand New Jumbo-load Machines

  • On-site Vending Machines

Get your clothes cleaned .
It's simple and affordable

What Our Clients Say

Staff always very Cheerful & Helping, Machines are the Best

Carlos Albereto

Clean and nice. Homey atmosphere. Done laundry on weekends and weekdays and traffic is about the same. The machines are clean and my laundry comes out smelling clean every time.

Karen Kessler

I have not been to a Laundromat in over 10 years and this one takes the cake! Definitely the best place to choose if you are not sure where to go. They have multiple selections on washer and dryer sizes, plus a nice selection of detergents on site if you forget your own. Absolutely 5/5! I definitely recommend this place!

Jess G

Plenty of large machines, super fast!!

Mark Brayman

Friendly and Clean Environment.

Valdis Stiebris