Welcome to Car Wash Express A state of art facility with top of the line equipment An experience to remember

Welcome To
Car Wash Express

We are best known for delivering amazing experiences. We have equipped our brand new facility with top-of-the line intelligent machinery that will wash and clean your car the way you always wanted to.

Experience our state of the art buffing and drying machines that immaculately dries your car without any smudges or cleaning marks that are so common with hand drying.

You can even choose to remain inside the car throughout the washing, cleaning, and buffing process, an amazing experience that kids enjoy to their fullest.

Every Car Wash Express customers are also entitled to a FREE use of our amazing vacuum machines for cleaning your car from the inside as well.

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Because we strive to provide an experience, not a service. Our top of the line equipment, trained mechanics, family friendly facilities and waiting area are immaculately maintained to deliver with perfect accuracy, time after time.

We are located just across the street from the Bayville Shoprite. We offer a completely family friendly lounge for you to relax while we do the job in hand.

Yes that's right. Our equipment and machinery are not only branded and tested machinery, but are also regularly tested to ensure best results.

We provide a detailed safety report of your vehicle for you to make an informed decision.

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