• Oil Change
    The ultimate oil exchange experience
    Get a thorough 18 point inspection absolutely free with every oil change. Enjoy a free car wash and vacuum after every oil change.
  • We always provide you
    Not just a wash – an experience
    Experience that personalized service that you longed for. That’s exactly what we are good at and the reason why we have the highest repeat customers.
  • Revolutionizing
    Laundry Convenience
    Minimum waiting time guaranteed! You will be amazed by the efficiency of our new range of heavy duty, jumbo load machines.

Have a Safe and Smooth drive!

For every oil change, our trained and experienced mechanics do a thorough 18-point inspection to ensure that your ride is comfortable and safe.. No exceptions.

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The brand new Laundry Time facility

Everyone is busy. That’s exactly why we introduced a range of highly efficient and heavy duty machines along – to help you optimize your time.

Welcome To oilxchange bayville

Your drive should be safe and comfortable. We ensure that you never have to compromise on either of these.

oilxchange bayville

An experience to


Car Wash Express

Personalized service one time every time!


Laundry Time

Revolutionized laundry experience just for you!


Our Mission

We aim at making Car Wash an unforgettable experience. In fact, not only car wash, but the entire driving experience is something which we aim to enrich. Our decade old experience has given us the proper insight into a variety of washing and detailing techniques and services, and we use this experience to identify the specific service that you need.

In other words, we suggest only what you require and our experienced mechanics ensure that it is delivered with outmost care and professionalism.

We offer exterior car wash with detailing services. And we also offer a range of supporting services, including Oil Exchange with a 18 point thorough inspection, and a completely revolutionized laundry service.

To summarize, we believe in serving as a one stop shop for all your needs and have designed our service offerings in a manner that would not only help you optimize your time, but also leave with a pleasant experience.

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Why Choose Us ?


Get your car serviced only by Trained and Experienced Mechanics


Get a detailed safety report of your vehicle created by experts.


Multiple servicing docks to give an amazingly fast and efficient experience


Feel at home with our cordial staff and family friendly facilities.


We use only the best equipments that are regularly quality checked for the best results.


Relax while we take care of the rest.

What Clients Say ?

Very affordable pricing for both the car wash and oil change. They give you a $5 off coupon that you can use towards any wash when you get your oil changed there. You can use the coupon same day. They also recently made towel dry standard with all their washes which was a big gap before. There's never a long wait for oil changes or the car wash so this place gets five stars out of convenience. It's not the best car wash in the area, but it's adequate.

Justin Kesheneff
Local Guide
  • 5.00

Great place. The whole process of oil change was fast and easy.The guys were friendly and professional. Will definitely do my next oil change with them.

Serge Bedin
Local Guide
  • 5.00

I go there every week to use the free vacuum ,cleaning out my car from the dirt my son brings into the car when at soccer or football, too the threading from my crafts that ends up to the Upholstery . It's a wonderful place to go for an oil change and while that's getting done- I do my laundry and after the oil change is done before even my laundry is done I even stop and vacuum my car for a while something you have to do things you need to do all Compact and do one easy place bring your own food though cuz there's none available some nice restaurants around it is a well-run place a speaking that he is a gentleman and a scholar cuz he knows everything he needs to know about cars the laundry and the car wash definitely a place to stop when you're running laundry has run amok and your car needs to get cleaned and your indeed need of an oil change. Don't forget you can always always always go in for a free vacuuming of your car when entering needs which is another reason why I love this one stop spot for everything don't forget to bring dollars or your debit card because they don't take change their but overall a wonderful wonderful place to stop. Thank you for reading

Doreen G. Mitchell
  • 5.00